Terms and Conditions for Training with Aneal

We always focus on personal safety during exercises and other workout sessions. However, sometimes, there can be some issues during or after a training session, which we are explaining below for your understanding and also to keep you informed about the same.

By signing the below-mentioned contract, you agree to the terms and conditions for training sessions with Aneal.

1. You agree to make the payment to complete the onboarding process for training with Aneal before commencing any sessions.

2. You will not get any refunds on the amount should you plan to cancel that after signing the contract with your trainer.

3. You agree to assume responsibility for your health and safety during your workout sessions.

4. You take full responsibility to adhere to the guidelines and suggestions offered by your trainer to eliminate chances of injuries during or after your sessions.

5. There can be some muscle soreness, musculoskeletal wounds or an increased heart rate while working out. You agree to take responsibility for such health conditions.

6. You agree to provide us with correct details of your health conditions and not withhold any critical information regarding any previous injuries or whatsoever.

7. You agree to reschedule or cancel a session at least 24 hours prior to the session time. Failing to do so will incur in deduction of one session with the trainer or a loss of pay for the specific session.

8. You agree to be present for the session at the scheduled time. Being late for the sessions means that you will only be entitled to the remaining time in the slot which was dedicated for you unless you have prior permission from the trainer.

9. You agree to complete the training programme by attending all the sessions, both supervised and unsupervised by the trainer and achieve your fitness goals under the guidance of your trainer.

Finally, I congratulate you on your decision to make this fitness programme a part of your regular routine. I sincerely wish to help you progress through the workout schedule and achieve your fitness goals quickly.