Current Fitness Assessment

I will send you a questionnaire form for you to fill in with as much detail as you can. Your answers will help me understand your current physical conditions and assess your fitness requirements to curate a custom programme for you finally.

Getting Started with The Training Sessions

Once I send you the training programme, we can start with the sessions in a couple of days. If you have any questions about the exercise routine and other aspects of the training programme, you can reach out to me either via phone call or email. I promise you every assistance in achieving your fitness goals.

Custom Training Programme

I will use the information you provide in the form, such as health history, present health conditions, if there are any injuries in the body, statistics of your physique, eating habits, current exercise routine, food allergies, and your fitness goals to curate a custom training programme for you.

Weekly Check-Ins

We perform weekly check-ins to assess your current fitness status and your progress. The assessments help us to decide on the right path of training while encouraging you to stick to the fitness regime.

Physical Assessment by Photos

You will need to submit a couple of current photos of yourself along with filling in the questionnaire form. The photos will help me assess your physical status better and accordingly create the fitness programme around it so that you can reach your fitness goals faster.


We may also bring in some adjustments in the training programme every couple of weeks based on your progress and/or your current health and fitness conditions at that point in time.